Our Process

The WDFS Financial Planning Process is an integral part of our commitment to providing the highest level of service, always in the best interest of our clients. Our comprehensive and holistic approach to financial planning and implementation incorporates 6 core stages of active collaboration and engagement.  We believe that educating our clients throughout the process increases their knowledge base, equips them to be informed and active participants in achieving their unique financial goals, and develops them to become advocates of the financial planning process. The stages of helping our clients put the pieces of their financial puzzle together involve:

Listening to our clients to understand their needs while embracing their financial lifestyle goals and objectives.

Gathering necessary data and information used to assess client's current financial status in preparation for planning their desired future lifestyle and legacy.

Developing practical financial planning strategies and recommendations clients are willing to embrace and implement.

Implementing the client's financial plan based on agreed upon strategies and priority of financial goals.

Monitoring the financial plan performance and our clients progress towards financial goal attainment and success.

Adjusting our clients financial plan in response to impactful life events and transitions to ensure that current strategies remain in our client's best interest.